Why should I book through a gaming agent and not a host?

A gaming agent is licensed by the Federal Government to be the liaison between you and the casino.  A host works for that casino and that casino alone and for that reason they can not and will not help you go to other casinos, nor will they help you get the comps you deserve because the casino doesn’t want you to know what comps are available to you at your play level.  The casino hires a host to keep the player coming back to that casino over and over again.  The casino does not want us as a gaming agent, to help you go to other casinos but MUST give us your play history in order to help you at another casino and make sure you are receiving the comps you’ve earned based on your play.  ONLY gaming agents can transfer your play history to other casinos on your first visit and help you with gaming issues.  Not getting a correct rating at the tables?  As a gaming agent we are able to make sure you are receiving the correct rating and can even have cameras pulled if there is a problem at a table.  We can also handle any charges you have incurred erroneously.  As a gaming agent, we can transfer any charter offer you receive to another date and even another departure city if you prefer.  Hosts cannot do this.  Hosts are limited to one casino and one casino only.  Why limit yourself to one casino?  Let a gaming agent handle all of your arrangements, make sure you’re receiving the comps you deserve, keep you updated on ALL events and charter schedules, and consult with you on your game to show you how to receive more comps for your play; AND the hosts at the casinos are paid to help you.  You can still see a host at any casino after you book your travel through us for anything you need. They are paid to take care of players. whether they book with them or not.  There are approximately 250 gaming agents in the U.S.  If you want to get the most for your gaming dollars you should book with a gaming agent.  For more information please call us at 423-894-0328..

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